Diary of a Painting - Kes Richardson

The painting Bit Bot Bug is the latest in a series of 300 x 250 cm acrylic on PVC paintings derived from multiple drawings. The PVC attempts to mimic the coated paper the drawings are made on. It is a heavy-duty, non-porous material and gives very little resistance when making marks. The painting was made unstretched on the floor to avoid the effects of gravity on the liquid medium and create a certain distance or blindness when making the work. It was made in several hits. Each hit is a sustained painting attack and creates a layer. Each hit is guided by a drawing or part of a drawing. The painting is stretched and propped upright after each hit to ascertain the next move.

Listening to:
Flying Lotus
Kamasi Washington
Frank Ocean
Captain Murphy
Oscar Peterson

Burglar Bill

The Night Garden

Kes Richardson